About Your Supply Depot Limited

YOUR SUPPLY DEPOT LIMITED has supplied military identification tags (dog tags), chains and embossing machines for over 20 years to military, government, security, and public safety agencies. Our machines are deployed all over the world. 

SUPPLY DEPOT MILSPEC dog tags are designed to operate in all military and commercial stamping machines on the market. Our stringent quality control insures uniformity of tags and allows for excellent printing and feeding in all machines.

Our embossing machines are also used extensively by Army-Navy stores for making Military ID tags as well as industry for stamping identification tags. Great for starting a small business with high markup. 

You will find our long list of available products at our websites.

dogtagmachines.com     The complete selection of military dog tag machines and supplies n the world.

engravermachines.com    A complete selction of the famous U-MARQ heavy-duty and versatile engravers.

gsadogtagmachines.com     Our website for military and government sales.

metalmarkingmachines.com     Embossing machines, engraving machines, metal marking machines.

applesiliconeusa.com     Let us make your silicone products. From start to finish.

dogtagvendingmachines.com     How to make money with dog tag machines.

yoursupplyonline.com     Direct to the consumer - military, police and outdoor goods.


In 2011, Your Supply Depot Limited was awarded a MILSTRIP contract to sell Dog Tag Machines, Engraving Machines, tags and chains through the FEDMALL website. https://www.fedmall.mil

MILSTRIP Orders may be placed online at FEDMALL. You can also order using your Government Purchase Card.

Your Supply Depot Limited provides a flexible alternative to standard procurement methodologies through GSA Advantage. We are an authorized GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractor with the ability to fulfill orders placed from our authorized online catalog.