X=TAG Dog Tag 
Vending Machine



If you are looking to enter into a business of your own or expand an existing business that you are already running, consider making personalized military dog tags! One of todays easiest and most profitable businesses is the making of personalized military dog tags!

X=TAG Dog Tag Vending Machine is easy and intuitive to use. Dog tag vending machine touch screen keyboard and attractive guided menu screens are very familiar to anyone from 7 to 79. Making your own personalized genuine dog tag is very easy:

  • Enter the desired text to be embossed
  • Confirm your text / message
  • Make the payment and …in less than 30 seconds your dog tag is ready!
  • The dog tag vending machine accessory pack is delivered in an attractive box.

In high demand among celebrities and young people, military dog tags are todays trendy, must-have fashion accessory! Becoming more and more popular every day, dog tags are worn as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Dog tags make a statement as they deck out backpacks, bikes, luggage and bodies.

.Here are some locations to start making money with X=Tag Dog Tag Vending Machine.
Amusement Parks/Theme Parks, Museums, Gaming Arcades, Family entertainment Centers, Movie Theaters, Malls, Large Retail Stores, Army Navy Stores, Airports, Any Tourist Attraction, Military Bases and PX’s.

Go to www.dogtagvendingmachines.com

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